kodehyve fuels future growth through strategic talent acquisition, solidifying position in Luxembourg and expanding internationally

6 min readJun 2, 2023

kodehyve, the Luxembourg-based contech venture, is investing in its future growth and focusing on long-term strategies through talent acquisition, demonstrating remarkable resilience amidst the on-going real estate shakeup seen in various markets across Europe and the world. The company is strategically recruiting leadership roles to drive its teams to success and position itself for continued expansion, solidifying its position in Luxembourg and driving international expansion efforts.

Staying the course during the crisis

If the crisis hits stakeholders of the real estate ecosystem more or less severely, kodehyve — the technology venture serving property developers, contractors, real estate funds and others — stays the course through the crisis and is looking to enlarge its talent team. Despite the challenges facing property developers, and more broadly the real estate sector in Europe, especially in Luxembourg, kodehyve is positioning itself for the long run and international expansion.

Many factors, such as the increasing cost of construction materials, supply chain disruption and delays, increasing labour costs as well as skyrocketing interest rates have triggered difficulties for developers to complete projects within budget, or sell projects entirely, leading to decreased gains. However, the venture’s focus on cost-saving, enhanced collaboration and efficiency has allowed it to continue providing value to its customers, especially in those hard times where optimisation and cost reduction are critical.

By providing powerful technologies to help property developers and their stakeholders reach operational performance and excellence, thereby increasing their profit margins, kodehyve has positioned itself for durability and long-term success. While the current market conditions are challenging, kodehyve is committed to staying its course by continuing to invest in its activities so as to provide the most value to its customers and help them navigate through the crisis until the market recovers so they can emerge from this challenging period with a competitive advantage and be better positioned to succeed in the long run. The current slowdown in activity presents a real opportunity for property developers, contractors and real estate funds — but all other players as well, evidently — to prioritise the optimisation and digitisation of their processes. With fewer projects in progress, developers can leverage this period to focus on streamlining operations and adopting digital solutions. By leveraging technology and implementing efficient processes, developers can enhance productivity and position themselves for success when market conditions improve. By taking a long-term stance and staying nimble and resilient, kodehyve is navigating the currently challenging times well and preparing for future growth.

A robust HR strategy to weather the storm

In order to solidify its activities and accelerate future growth, kodehyve will strengthen its teams and leadership to support growth and international expansion efforts.

As the team has grown, came the need for leadership extension to drive the teams to success. Indeed, the kodehyve team has quadrupled in size over the past year, which is why the venture is now opening critical leadership positions.

To fuel its growth, kodehyve has implemented a robust HR strategy that combines in-house promotions to leverage internal talent and external recruitment efforts to bring in fresh perspectives and new talent.

To propel its commercial activities and international growth, kodehyve is seeking a Head of Sales. This position will play a critical role in driving the company’s growth as well as co-leading the refinement of kodehyve’s international inbound and outbound sales strategy, pricing strategy, and go-to-market strategies. This individual will be a key member of the leadership team, working closely with the CEO, CPO and the various growth and product teams.

Additionally, kodehyve is looking for a seasoned Senior Solutions Architect with a strong background in software architecture, design patterns, and AWS Serverless technologies. This Senior Solutions Architect will be responsible for making the serverless architecture of kodehyve’s 3-year-old software solution evolve, ensuring that it meets performance, security, and reliability standards. This profile will be responsible for defining system requirements, designing and developing scalable and efficient software architecture as well as selecting the appropriate technologies, frameworks, and tools. This leading role will provide guidance and support to the development team and work in close collaboration with the CTO and CPO.

Beyond recruiting new talents, kodehyve is also supporting talents’ growth internally by promoting existing team members to key positions. A few months ago, (former) Head of Product Veronique Ziliotto was appointed Chief Product Officer and more recently kodehyve’s first Software Engineer Marc (and first onboarded team member) was promoted to DevOps Engineer.

Developing a career development plan with the team members and promoting staff internally is an integral part of kodehyve’s company culture and values. Recognising the immense potential and talent within its existing workforce and working together with its talent towards career development milestones, the company embraces a philosophy of nurturing and developing its employees’ growth from within.

kodehyve’s commitment to investing in its people and strategic planning has already paid off, with the company experiencing significant growth over the last few years. With these new leadership roles and talent management initiatives, kodehyve is poised to continue its upward trajectory and make an even greater impact in the built industry.

“At kodehyve, we strongly believe in the potential of our team and the value they bring to our organisation,” said Felix Hemmerling, CEO at kodehyve. “Investing in our people is investing in our future. By strategically recruiting new leadership roles and promoting from within, we are positioning ourselves for continued growth in the years to come. This reflects the solidification of our position in Luxembourg and our commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development.”

Besides leadership roles, kodehyve is also actively recruiting new tech profiles to support the company’s technology growth. With the goal of extending the most powerful and eponymous operating system, kodehyve OS, the company is seeking a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer to guarantee high quality deliveries and ensure that product development complies with the product vision and requirements. In addition, kodehyve is always on the lookout for Software Engineers to join the team and help build new features for our 3 flagship products: kodehyve OS, kodehyve sign and kodehyve comply.


Eager about impacting the built industry and joining a dynamic and innovative team? If you are a passionate individual who truly enjoys and masters your craft, and want to become a key part of kodehyve’s bold mission, you are invited to apply for the exciting career opportunities at kodehyve.

Please apply via Linkedin.

Senior Solutions Architect- https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3624069092

Head of Sales-https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3611389108

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer -https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3624074114

Software Engineer- https://www.kodehyve.com/careers/software-engineer-014

About kodehyve

kodehyve is a mission-driven technology venture specialised in the digital transformation of the built ecosystem and its entire value chain by providing connected operating systems and APIs, built for construction by construction. The team’s mission is to help the built industry to de-risk new property development activities, drive collaboration and thereby enhance efficiencies, productivity, transparency and quality, as well as gain greater visibility into operations, and yield higher profitability — across the entire project lifecycle.

More specifically, kodehyve provides 2 main service categories: For one, they provide real estate specific platforms, such as the eponymous and flagship products kodehyve OS, kodehyve sign and kodehyve comply. Second, the kodehyve advisory business unit focuses on business intelligence and data analysis for reporting, tech advisory and digital audits.

The venture collaborates with property developers, construction companies and contractors, real estate funds, architecture and engineering offices, real estate agencies as well as Governments and municipalities.

kodehyve is growing rapidly and their fast-moving team is committed to leading the digitalisation of the real estate sector in Europe and beyond.

For more information about kodehyve, track record and values, please visit kodehyve.com

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